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Recent Projects and Photos by Southern Pro Wash & Seal LLC

Restaurant Dumpster Pad Cleaning in Polk City, FL

This dumpster pad belongs to a local pizza chain. We were able to apply our industry grade degreaser to the dumpster pad and complete restore it. This transformation brought this pad back to life and added a layer of safety to the employer and employees. This […]

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Paver Sealing in Bartow, FL

Are you tired of your pavers looking dull and worn out? Let Southern Pro Wash & Seal protect your investment with our professional paver sealing services in Bartow, Florida. Our team of experienced technicians uses high-quality sealants to provide a protective layer to your pavers. This helps […]

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Gas Station Dumpster Pad Cleaning in Lakeland, FL

This dumpster pad belongs to a local gas station chain that recently franchised. This dumpster pad had a tremendous amount of grease that needed to be removed. We used our industry grade degreaser to loosen the oils before using the surface cleaner to remove it. This […]

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Commercial Cleaning in Lakeland, FL

We were able to provide a local towing company with an exterior cleaning which included the canopy and concrete. The canopy was soft washed with our mixture and the concrete was cleaned using our industry grade degreaser. Working with the community and other local businesses is […]

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Dirty Roof? Yes, thats a thing!

This roof belongs to a homeowner in Lakeland, FL. She had no idea that a roof could be cleaned, and we were eager to show her. We applied our roof washing mixture which eliminates all of the mold, mildew, and algae. The results were instantly visible […]

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Paver Driveway Cleaning in Winter Haven, FL

Paver driveways are a large investment that also need maintenance. This specific driveway was referred to us by a local company. We began treating the driveway to remove any algae, and any growth that was in the joints. Next we used an industry grade degreaser to […]

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Driveway Cleaning in Tampa, FL

This driveway was done by us in Tampa FL. We treated the driveway with our eco friendly mixture to eliminate any algae on the concrete. We then proceeded to surface clean the concrete which removed the algae that our mixture loosened. The homeowner was very pleased […]

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Roof Washing in Lakeland, FL

This tile roof had a large amount of build up. We applied our eco friendly roof washing mixture. The process took a few applications and we began to see a beautiful transformation. We also added our plant protect to the surrounding landscaping to add some rejuvenation. […]

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Lanai Washing in Brandon, FL

This lanai was a referral from a Keller Williams realtor in Brandon Fl. This home was being placed on the market and needed some algae removed from the pool area. We used our eco friendly mixture and applied it using our soft washing technique. The lanai […]

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House Washing North Lakeland

This house wash was referred to us by a friend. This home had some algae built up and the drive way also needed some cleaning as well. We started off by removing the algae using our standard soft Washing technique and our eco friendly house washing […]

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Lanai Washing in Lakeland Florida

This lanai washing was referred to us by a local painting company. This wash was done using our standard soft washing procedure where we use very low pressure to provide a layer of protection to the screens. The lanai had some algae covering it but I […]

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House Washing in Cypress Lakes

House washing in Lakeland, Florida involves using a pressure washer and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, grime, and other substances from the exterior of a house. This process helps to improve the appearance of the house and can also help to protect its exterior by removing […]

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